Coach Nate Barlow inducted into Dunedin Pirates Ring of Honor

by Staff Writer

DUNEDIN- Being inducted into the Dunedin Pirates’ Ring of Honor isn’t always about exactly stats but about the time, enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment to a program. That’s something coach Nate Barlow brought ever since we decided to create the Pirates back in the fall of 2009. 

Coach Nate was apart of the first ever Pirates team that took the field in 2010 and helped us in every season except 2018. He was always in some capacity and always did something to help the program, whether it was coaching, giving players rides or whatever might’ve been needed. 

He’s created good connections with players and others throughout the NIFL, UFF and FFA. It’s with that I herby induct him into the team’s Ring of Honor moving forward. I plan on having a couple more inductees (depending on their playing days decision) as I do recognize loyal coaches and players with statistics and impact on the Pirates program overall.