COVID-19 causes final four games in ties for Pirates

by Staff Writer

DUNEDIN- The Dunedin Pirates officially finish the 2020 FFA regular season with a record of 3-3-4, with all four ties coming as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis that has ravaged the United States.

Dunedin now like all adult amateur football teams throughout the country sit and wait on plans to possibly resume the season or cancel altogether. The Pirates if the FFA Playoffs began today would be the No. 5 seed and would take on the Space Coast Tar Heels, whom would be the No. 4 seed.

If such a matchup would take place, the Tar Heels would host the contest over in Cocoa, FL at likely Cocoa High School. The Tar Heels also finished with a record of 3-3-4 on the season.