Dunedin can't take advantage in 28-22 OT playoff loss to Jacksonville

by Staff Writer

JACKSONVILLE- The first game of the regular season for the Dunedin Pirates' 2019 season was against the Jacksonville Cardinals and fell in the regular season opener 22-12. 

Dunedin (4-7) wanted to exact some kind of revenge against Jacksonville (5-6) in the Wild-Card round of the FFA Playoffs when they traveled to Ribault High School. The Pirates had their opportunities but came up just short, as Dunedin fell 28-22 in overtime against Jacksonville. 

It was a big lead early on by Jacksonville that would end up being the undoing for the Pirates, as the Cardinals took an early 20-0 lead in the opening quarter. The Cardinals looked like they may run away with the game, but the Pirates slowly got themselves back in the game behind solid performances from quarterback Eric Vitale, running back Nate Munson and wide receiver Alex Jennings. 

Dunedin had two chances in the fourth quarter to come away with the lead, but both drives ended up stalling. The Pirates won the important coin toss heading into overtime, but a turnover ended up giving Jacksonville the one drive it needed to come away with the victory.