Dunedin Pirates send 7 players to 2019 FFA All-Star Game

by Staff Writer

The Dunedin Pirates sent 7 players to the 2019 FFA All-Star Game, with a couple not able to go and reserves also being name. Below is the list of players who played or were named reserves for the game, as Team FFA defeated Team Florida 34-6. 

#1 Arseles Miller Jr. (Linebacker; Played in game)

#9 Andy Villamarzo (Wide receiver; Reserve)

#10 Colin Grantham (Defensive end; Played in game)

#13 Chris Norman (Defensive back; Played in game)

#16 Nate Munson (Running back; Played in game)

#18 Eric Vitale (Quarterback; Played in game)

#22 Jeremy Munn (Linebacker; Played in game)

#23 Alex Jennings (Wide receiver/Safety; Did not play)

#33 Javaughn Johnson (Wide receiver; Did not play)

#92 Kwane Frazier (Offensive tackle; Played in game)