Dunedin Pirates will play Lake County Storm on Dec. 21st

by Staff Writer

DUNEDIN- Due to the Colorado Rockets having to drop out of the anticipated preseason game unexpectedly, the Dunedin Pirates have accepted a matchup against the Lake County Storm that will be played on December 21st at the North Lake Community Park in Umatilla, FL. Kickoff is scheduled for 6pm ET. 

According to team president Andy Villamarzo, the Rockets had to drop out of the preseason contest due to a lack of offensive linemen and quarterbacks. Once the Pirates learned of the cancellation, the team worked quickly in finding another opponent. The Pirates has several interested teams, including the Storm, Tri-County Steelers and Florida Stingrays.

Dunedin has played Lake County in preseason action every year since 2017. This would be the third time the Pirates play the Storm on the road.