by Jackson Shewey

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. – With the season right around the corner, the Tarpon Springs Pirates are doing everything they can to poise a successful season. One of which is Pirates general manager Logan Semegram, who has been effortfully pushing the staff and players to be the best version of themselves.

A recent graduate of the University of South Florida and prior insider with the Tampa Bay Thunder, Semegram has been making a name for himself in the minor league football world. With the Thunder, Semegram worked hands-on with players and coaches, producing media content that ultimately led the Thunder to the top as one of the most popular teams in the Football Federation Alliance.

At Tarpon Springs, Semegram works to build a dynasty out of the Pirates and lead on a championship season.

“A culture change is on the horizon, and either you can be with us or not,” Semegram said. “There will be no fighting and no disrespect. We want professional athletes who are great people to society on and off the field.”

Even being the youngest general manager in the league, Semegram has gained respect from his team due to his natural leadership and wits of the game.

Former Thunder, now Pirate defensive end Javian Engram had all praise for his general manager.

“Now that he’s in the general manager aspect, he can control the game,” Engram stated. “He’s extremely smart; when we watch the games, he really picks up on the tendencies from the other team, and now he can transfer that this year.”

The entire Pirates organization is expecting a change in scenery with this team. The Pirates are forming more into a family than a team and are pushing each other to strive for greatness this season.

“You put a foot out for me – I’ll put two out for you.” – Semegram.