by Jackson Shewey

TAMPA - As the offseason continues the Tarpon Springs Pirates look for more ways to set themselves apart from the other teams and be successful in the coming season.  

The Pirates have acquired an abundance of talent on the field and have not forgot to bring winners to the staff as well. Given the recent signing of a general manager and defensive coordinator, the Pirate front office and coaching staff is stacked coming into this new season.  

With the return of head coach Scott Fisk and offensive coordinator Alvaro Muente, the only thing the Pirates lacked was a solid defensive coordinator. The spot was filled quickly when they found Ricky Rausch. Last season Rausch assisted the defensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Thunder to only four losses on the season.

When asked how he felt on the position Rausch expressed, “I’m extremely excited for this season. To be coming from the Thunder as the assistant defensive coordinator and linebacker coach where we had the top defense in the FFA, I look to bring that same type of play to the Pirates this season”.

A good portion of what makes a team successful is the staff. Newly appointed general manager, Logan Semegram knows all about this. Also coming from the Tampa Bay Thunder, Semegram is not shy to what makes a team function fluently, and with his leadership skills he brings a key element to the managerial position of this team.

Pirate fans all over should be excited for this season. This team knows exactly what they need to be glorious this season and have already put a lot of work to this goal.

More updates and information will be available through the team’s website and social medias.